Big Bay Classic 2009 – Phil Horrocks wins the Wave competition

The main event venue Big Bay proofed its qualities as a great wavesailing spot. On the last day of the IFCA African Wavechampionship, called Big Bay Classic, the top guys, who advanced in the single elimination at Witsands, fought it out in the afternoon.

Phil Horrocks wins the event - Pic:

Phil Horrocks wins the event - Pic:


Wind with gusts about 30 knots and more than 3 m big sets made crazy airmoves and long waverides possible. The PWA sailors made it into the A- and B-final. Kevin Mevissen, who had a strong day and could land big rotations, like tweaked pushloops saved against a strong sailing Ben Proffit from UK the third position. In the final it got really close. Klaas were strong in waveriding, but Phil could stick a double forward and convinced the judges, who decided by 2:1 for the British sailor, who trains in South Africa since October.


RESULT IFCA African Wave Worldchampionship 2009:
1. Phil Horrocks
2. Klaas Voget
3. Kevin Mevissen
4. Ben Proffit

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