Bernd Roediger rides the waves at Ho’okipa with his hand shaped 6′ 10″. The short but wide fish board – Bernd built it together with his dad Norman – with a swallow tail has deep concaves in the tail section and a special thruster fin setup with a 15 cm long center fin and wide but short triangular fins, so called Bonzer fins, created by the Campbell brothers in the early 70s. The board is laminated in polyester. His sail is a 4.7m Hot Sails Maui Superfreek “Maui” edition.

In “Magnus” Bernd adds his magic to the rides at his home turf and we can’t get enough of this creative wave riding. His connection with the elements of water and wind are one-of-a-kind. 

Bernd Roediger: “A magic day when the world around seems to be at play with, through you! There’s nothing intensely different, only subtly more harmonious and sympathetic. How do you think magic manifests in your life, how do you play with it?”

“Magus”: Bernd Roediger rides the waves at Ho’okipa, Maui with style and calls it a magic day

Filmed by Jace Panebianco