Benjamin Fabres Bengolea is a 24 year old wave windsurfer from Chile, who was competing in ski racing on national and international level a few years ago. Nowadays Benjamin tries to make windsurfing more popular in Chile. He likes to windsurf in waves and has great skills. Nicely timed Cutbacks, Aerials or Takas. These are the moves Benjamin likes. Read a little interview with Benjamin and watch his cool clip!


Interview with Benjamin Fabres Bengolea

Continentseven: Where are you from? How far is it from your home to the next good windsurfing spot?
Benjamin Fabres: I am from Santiago, Chile and I usually go to Matanzas. It’s 2 hours from Santiago and a half from my house, but I want to live there when I’ve finished my studies.

Continentseven:  What are you favorite spots in Chile?
Benjamin Fabres: Near there are very good places for windsurf and surf, like Topocalma, Matanzas and Pichilemu.

Continentseven:  What are the spots you are riding in the video?
Benjamin Fabres: Every day is different so it depends on the conditions of the wind and waves what place is going to be good.

Continentseven:  You are not only a windsurfer, you were quite active in skiing?
Benjamin Fabres: I left the professional ski like 8 years ago, since that moment I started to do a lot of windsurf, but also during the winter I work doing ski classes.

Continentseven:  You are very active in windsurfing in your home country? What are your goals for the future?
Benjamin Fabres: For me windsurfing is a way to have a good time with my family and friends. I don’t like competitions. For the future I would like to sail in other countries, too.

Continentseven:  How is windsurfing in Chile? How many active windsurfs are from Chile and is wave sailing the main discipline?
Benjamin Fabres: Windsurfing is increasing a lot in Chile. On a common day you can see 40 guys sailing only at Matanzas, and there is a group of guys that rides really good.

Continentseven:  Did you ride waves outside of Chile, too?
Benjamin Fabres: I have only ridden waves in Chile and Peru so far.


Benjamin Fabres Bengolea riding waves at his home spots in Chile