Ben Newson lives and works as a firefighter in Perth, Western Australia. He had some days off from work and drove up North and sailed at Wedge Island, where the swell was up and the wind worked ok. Wedge Island was in the media a lot as the  24 year old Australian surfer Ben Linden got attacked and killed by a white shark in July 2012, just 40 meters off the coast.

Ben Newson: “Last week I went on another solo mission to find some good conditions. I tried again to set up my camera on the beach and capture a bit of footage to cut together and make a story of the day. I set the focus roughly where I thought I would be sailing and pressed the record button. The camera is supposed to record for 30 min intervals but seems to stop around the ten minute mark give or take a bit. This meant a lot of running up and down the beach to reset the button. I filmed with a Canon 60D, a Canon f4 70-200mm and Tamron F2.8 24-70 vc and a Go pro HD2. The edit is the result of the footage I managed to get. A lot of stuff was also lost out of frame as obviously there was no one there to pan the camera. Hope you enjoy. Fast forward to the action at around 1: 20 min, if you don’t want to hear me waffle on.”

Big respect to Ben putting such an effort into getting a video done!


Ben Newson from Perth travelled to Wedge Island for a wave windsurfing session