Young Polish racer Maciek Rutkowski just edited following clip about the 2011 Sylt PWA event and gives a nice view behind the scenes. Maciek sent us as well a comment on the following clip. Out of our view it´s definitely a cool way to present an event and the riders. And Maciek filmed himself as well, what gives an interesting view on the situation. Scott McKercher once produced a full movie in this style, called “The accidental tourist”, which was super fun to watch.
Definitely well done, Maciek. Keep on producing such cool stuff!


“This year’s PWA Sylt was probably one of the worst contests in World Cup history when it comes to wind. 10 days of sitting on the beach and not doing much. I kind of made my time more interesting by running around with the camera and shooting absolutely everything. The goal was to capture what the audience rarely gets to see and what to us, PWA windsurfers is pretty normal and what I really like about the events – the super-relaxed, friendly atmosphere on the beach. Both between the audience and the sailors. Besides that I think it could be interesting to see a bit more than the official, kind of stiff or sometimes even boring videos of guys saying same couple of sentences all the time. Maybe some people will hate me for that, but I guess it’s nice (or at least diversifying) to show the scene from a different side. Well, you will be the judge!”


Maciek Rutkowski (POL-23)


behind the scenes: PWA Sylt from Globetrotter Entertainment on Vimeo.


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