Bastien Rama left his home, his homespot Lake Monteynard in the French Alps and his family for a week and traveled together with good friend Pierre Garambois to the Western Sahara, where the sun shines all day long and the wind blows. Perfect freestyle windsurfing conditions welcomed them in the lagoon of Dakhla with 6 windy days out of 7. Baammm, this was perfect timing! The desert spot delivered.

Bastien Rama: “I have spent one week in Dakhla in October 2019, together with my good friend Pierre Garambois. We got 6 days of good wind, so I guess that we were pretty lucky. It’s not the best moment to get some strong wind there. Conditions were not crazy, but it was enough to sail with 4.4m and 92l. I also brought my 4.8m and 4.0m in my bag, but the wind is pretty consistant there and the secret is that the freestyle spot is so flat that you can be full power with only 18 – 20 knot of wind. No power in the sail but lot of speed! Hope you will enjoy it watching the clip.”


Freestyle windsurfing in Dakhla, Western Sahara featuring Bastien Rama