Bastian Grimm lives next to the river Elbe and always wanted to windsurf on the river. It’s a busy place, as a lot of big transport ships move around, it’s not the most windy place and it has a strong current. But sometimes the conditions can get good. In “From the beginning” Bastian shows how it looks like when the conditions are rideable. Well done!

“It is a rare occasion when the river Elbe actually delivers nice windsurfing conditions. If it happens, it`s always in the winter and always just for a few hours, before the tide the wind or anything else swings around and makes it almost impossible to sail there. But this time I got really lucky and we were able to film with almost the same conditions on back to back days at the beginning of March 2020. Since the beginning, I always wanted to windsurf my home spot which is literally just 500m away from my doorstep. Instead of driving around 2 hours to the nearest spot it is such a treat to just take a 5-minute walk and you are there. And if it delivers, it is full-on, but see for yourself!” (Bastian Grimm, freestyle windsurfer from Germany)

German freestyle windsurfer Bastian Grimm had a session at the river Elbe. He lives just next to the river.

Filmed by Thomas Grimm

Edited by Bastian Grimm