Balz Müller has just finished his latest masterpiece in 2015. The Suiss Styler put all his 2015 clips together and produced a crazy 61 minutes long review on his 2015 year. Balz spent a lot of time in South of France, in the area around Leucate, together with his super motivated brothers or Yentel Caers and Nic Hibdige. He was riding extreme storms, his skateboard or played boccia. The fun and the extreme moves are very important for the wild and creative Swiss man. He is constantly looking for new possibilities to create new moves or film from new perspectives. Balz is a kind of artist and his windsurfing is heavily influenced by skateboarding. It’s logic. He lives in Switzerland, where good windsurfing spots are rare and the winter time is long, intense and freezing cold. 

Balz with a broken fibula on his sitting skateboard, built by his bro.

Balz with a broken fibula on his Crutchinator, built by his bro.

His two younger brothers push as hard as Balz, but sometimes it’s maybe too much. Balz broke his fibula during skateboarding a few weeks ago, what forced him to be more behind the camera. The good news is that Balz is ready to rock soon. The cast is off and he will travel to Cape Town very soon.

Watch more than one hour of crazy Müller style.

Balz Müller in his film Moretrashlesscash, together with his bros and friends