“Visual attack” is the newest suistyle video creation with some great action and behind the scene shots filmed at the 2017 Sylt Windsurf World Cup. Balz not only rides the big onshore waves, he and Nic ride through the city of Westerland and cruise through super markets or pedestrian zones with their skateboards. It’s a real visual attack with wild overlays of self designed skateboard wheels. Balz painted his board and wheels with posca pens during his holidays in Sylt. (e.n.: Balz Müller managed to finished the Freestyle World Cup in Sylt in 7th position and made it overall in 8th place!!)

Balz Müller and Nic Hibdige show how they spent their time on Sylt during the 2017 Windsurf World Cup

main film credits: Tonix Pictures, Yentel Caers and Max Schulz