Last year in August Jamie Hancock travelled by car from California down to Baja, where he stayed for about 10 days. Now Jamie released a nice clip about his time in Baja with additional footage from Joey Sanchez, Kevin Pritchard and Bennet Williams. Jamie: “I didn’t really get the swell I had hoped for and wanted to make a video that truly represented the place. So I got in touch with Graham Ezzy and Morgan Noireaux who were kind enough to send me some footage.” 


Additionally we hooked up with Jamie to speak about his trip and what is coming up next for him.


Baja – a video by Jamie Hancock

Footage by Jamie Hancock, Joey Sanchez, Kevin Pritchard, Graham Ezzy, Bennet Williams



Interview with Jamie Hancock 


Continentseven: How were the conditions at Baja?
Jamie Hancock: I had a lot of fun there but didn’t really score a decent swell. There were a few small pulses but nothing sizeable. It was a shame really as I had seen so much good footage from there throughout the years but it isn’t really the sort of thing (whilst living in the UK) that you can just do on a forecast. But although I never had swell above head high, it really is a fun spot to ride waves and have fun.


Continentseven: Why did you travel to Baja?
Jamie Hancock: In 2013 at the end of the summer I broke my leg and that really put me back into recovery for a long period. That meant I wasn’t really ready for the start of the 2014 PWA tour. And in that time I also moved from GA sails to working as rider / brand manager for Vandal Sails, which are owned by the same company. So I decided that it was the perfect time to do something different instead of a summer competing in the Canaries and travelled down the west coast from Oregon to Baja and back up, windsurfing as many places as I could.


Continentseven: You were not really lucky at the event at La Torche, which actually was your comeback event after your foot injury. Will you give it another shot and come back to the PWA tour?
Jamie Hancock: Right now I don’t know. I’d like to but I won’t be doing the full tour this year and only maybe a few events. As a pro rider I don’t really need to. I’m actually working on video productions and marketing with GA / Tabou now as well as everything with Vandal. So i’m super busy and enjoying all that really as I get to be creative and work on lots of cool projects with cool people with the company i’ve been sponsored by as a rider for 10 years. I was just in Cape Town doing all the Vandal photoshoots and fly to Maui on Wednesday for the GA / Tabou video shoots. So rocking up in Pozo at the start of the summer isn’t really on my mind.


Continentseven: What is coming up next for you?
Jamie Hancock: Well I will be in Maui for a month from next week so i’m hoping for so good wind and waves there. Then once I’m back I’ll be moving into a new home and will have a load of editing work to do. I’m also doing some courses on digital marketing and social media which is great but am kind of pushing it at the moment with how much I can do. My laptop was stolen in South Africa along with all my camera gear so it has been a bit of a nightmare replacing that along with how much editing work I lost. This Baja clip is the first out of the production line and will have a lot more hopefully to come soon.


Continentseven: Thanks for the interview!