Camille Juban wins the AWT Pacasmayo Classic in front of Fabrice Beaux and Alex Vargas.

The winners – Pic: AWT


On the final day of the AWT Pacasmayo Classic the expected southwest swell arrived, pushing solid conditions for the contest. With the finals of the kite, SUP, and Long board completed in the morning and early afternoon, the AWT decided to try and finish the remaining heats of the men’s pro division double elimination. 

Athletes who started waves near the point definitely had an advantage, and those who were familiar with the spot were well aware of this. Some of the longer waves saw 15 or 20 turns. Aerials and solid turns were bringing in high scores with the riders using a mix of skills to rake in the points. 


Kevin Pritchard – Pic: AWT


Heat 30: Heat length changed to 15 minutes with one wave to count. Tom Juban joined the winners from the previous heat to defend his 3rd place ranking from the single elimination. Tom, the younger brother of Camille Juban and only 15 years old had impressed everyone during the week of contest. In the single elimination final he gave Camille and Fabrice a serious run for their money and was proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. The heat was very close with all 3 riders waiting to catch the longest set wave they could find. Alex Vargas was on fire and pulled off the best wave moving him ahead into the next heat, passing Eduardo into 4th overall and a disappointing 5th for young Tom . He then joined Fabrice Beaux in the final heat of the contest in the battle for 2nd place. The sun was setting and in the end it was Fabrice with the best wave, defending his 2nd place ranking.

With the sun down and insufficient light for judging we were unable to run the final and results stayed with Camille Juban in first.




The next event, the Hatteras Wave Jam is right around the corner. The contest will be held from Sept. 12th -15th.

© Text: AWT/Russ Faurot