Camille Juban wins the Expert division, Junko Nagoshi the women, Jeff Henderson the Masters and Morgan Noireaux the Youth division at the Maui Makani Classic 2011.

Pricegiving of the men - Pic: Kevin Pritchard

Junko Nagoshi wins the women division - Pic: Kevin Pritchard

Today was the last day of competition in the 2011 Maui Makani Classic. Event directors decided to finish out the Double Elimination brackets for both the Youth and the Amateur divisions and run the remaining heats in the Expert division’s Single Elimination. Due to time constraints, it was impossible to complete the Double Elimination for the Women and Masters divisions. By mid afternoon, the conditions had significantly improved – prompting the judges to increase the heat length in the three finals scheduled for the day.

The Youth and Amateur divisions (each with two competitors) were run at 18 minutes each while the Expert final heat (with four sailors) ran for 30 minutes. There were some jaw-dropping wave rides in all three final heats – giving the huge crowd on the bluff plenty to cheer about. Although there were a few instances where competitors found themselves on the rocks, the organizers are happy to say that everyone made it out safely (not necessarily the same for their gear).