Event directors wasted no time jumping right into competition on the fourth day of competition. Quickly they progressed through Youth, Amateur, and Women’s divisions – finishing up their single eliminations and moving into the double eliminations for some.

Anne-Marie Reichmann - Pic: Kevin Pritchard

Here’s a recap of the Single Elimination results for the four completed divisions:
WOMEN: 1. Junko Nagoshi 2. Anne-Marie Reichman 3. Ingrid Larouche 4. Shawna Cropas
MASTERS: 1. Jeff Henderson 2. Giampaolo Cammarota 3. Yasuhito Ogasawara 4. Rob Funk
YOUTH: 1. Morgan Noireaux 2. Bernd Roediger 3. Zane Schweitzer 4. Ridge Lenny
AMATEURS: 1. Jehyug Jay Lee 2. Neil Turpin 3. Jordan Reid 4. Nick Dudet


The Expert division still has three heats in round three, two heats in the semi-final round, and a final heat yet to run before their single elimination is completed. Postponing the Expert division is in hopes that the wave size increases and the wind remains steady – two factors that could make for a very exciting final heat.


Watch here the video from day 4: