The final day of the Hatteras Wave Jam saw a solid swell hit the Island. With only a few hours left in the contest window the wind gods smiled on the AWT once again providing incredible port-tack conditions to run the Pro, Women and Youth heats… plus an Amateur/Masters Expression Session.
Pro heats were set for 15-minutes and the judges score cards were quickly filled up as there were plenty of waves providing long and rip-able rides. The final heat came down to an battle between Camille Juban, Fabrice Beaux and Morgan Noireaux. It was a super close contest with Juban’s Goiter giving him the edge over the smooth sailing Beaux and slashy Noireaux.



RESULTS Hatteras Wave Jam 2012:


Pro men:

  1. Camille Juban
  2. Morgan Noireaux
  3. Fabrice Beaux
  4. Kevin Pritchard
  5. Nathan Mershon
  6. Keit McCulloch


  1. Miho Tanaka
  2. Fiony Wylde
  3. Ingrid Larouche
  4. Sam Bittner



  1. Ian Stokes
  2. Fiona Wylde


Overall ranking after 5 events out of 6:



1. Camille Juban (33.200 points)

2. Levi Siver (30.000 points)

3. Morgan Noireaux (21.100 points)

4. Kevin Pritchard (20.400 points)

5. Bernd Roediger (19.000 points)



1. Fiona Wylde (32.000 points)

2. Sam Bittner (26.500 points)

3. Ingrid Larouche (26.500 points)



1. Fiona Wylde (26.700 points)

2. Casey Rehrer (24.500 points)

3. Ian Stokes (16.500 points)