In the beginning of August the fourth American Windsurfing Tour event took place at Punta San Carlos, Baja California. After one week on hold, Kevin Pritchard won the 2015 AWT Baja Desert Showdown in front of Boujmaa Guilloul and Ian Mouro. The other divisions were finished earlier. Sarah Hauser won the women’s division, Jake Schettewi the Youth and Amateur division, Marty Rosse the Masters and Steve Roy the Gran Masters.


Click through the best pics by Mark Harpur/Luckybeanz from the AWT Baja Desert Showdown 2015


The Men Pro Final | Pritchard vs. Guilloul
Boujmaa temporality extended his lead and looked in control until Kevin Pritchard lined up a set wave, timing it perfectly and projected into the biggest aerial of the week, dropping his front hand for extra style and points on what would turn out to be an 8.5+ score across the judging sheets. In the dying moment of the heat Boujma scrambled to find another great wave but would ultimately have to settle for 2nd place which sees him take yellow as our new Tour leader. The battle for 3rd was won by Ian thanks in part to his powerful cut back while Kevin McGillivary should be thrilled with his performance this week finishing 4th in his first ever AWT Pro final.


Kevin Pritchard: “I have been sailing all year really good I think anyhow, and in Pistol River I kinda blew it by going too full on too early and didn’t have the energy to go full power by the time it counted. In Baja I just kept it together and did my best. I was focused but not overly focused. Truth be told, it was pretty tricky conditions for the final. I actually thought that Bouj had it because he had one really nice long wave. I had a couple pretty nice turns with some power that I think the judges liked because they were a bit different than everyone else’s. So it was fun. I am happy.”


The Women Final
From the buzzer Sarah Hauser took complete control and executed her game plan perfectly. Picking up set waves and riding them hard from the peak, Sarah knew that the title was hers, and it showed in her riding as she loosened up and rode even better. In the end she had ridden ten waves in the 20 min heat! Julie Fortier has been a real revelation this week. She took a risk with a small wave and went down hard into the rocks and kelp early on. Luckily she was unhurt and her gear was intact. She found a couple of set waves and carved hard but couldn’t match the power of Sarah. Sam Bittner waited for her set for 10 minutes and when it came it was another of her amazing rides. After two weeks in camp Sam’s riding has really developed, and she has been sailing better than ever. Unfortunately for Sam she didn’t find another sizable wave and finished in Third.





AWT San Carlos Desert Showdown 2015 – Result Pro Men

1. Kevin Pritchard

2. Boujmaa Guilloul

3. Ian Mouro

4. Kevin McGilivray

5. Joey Sanchez

5. Jake Schettewi



AWT San Carlos Desert Showdown 2015 – Women

1. Sarah Hauser

2. Julie Fortier

3. Sam Bittner



AWT San Carlos Desert Showdown 2015 – Youth

1. Jake Schettewi

2. Alex McKirgan

3. Max Schettewi



AWT San Carlos Desert Showdown 2015 – Master

1. Marty Rosse

2. JP Pooley

3. Tim Kasten



AWT San Carlos Desert Showdown 2015 – Grand Master

1. Steve Roy

2. Dwight Bode

3. Scott Shoemaker



AWT San Carlos Desert Showdown 2015 – Amateur

1. Jake Schettewi

2. Robert Torklidsen

3. Mark Harper