The “Santa Cruz Classic” at Waddell Creek, just outside of San Francisco, is the first event on the American Windsurfing Tour and takes place from May 5-8. Over 70 riders from all over have gathered at Waddell Creek to take part in the event. After the first day with light wind it was an action-packed second day at Waddell with all the single eliminations nearing completion. The one final so far was for the youth and may have been the best heat of the day.


RESULTS after day 2:

Youth Single Elimination:
1st – Bernd Roediger
2nd – Morgan Noireaux
3rd – Nick Dudet

Expert Men after Round 2:
Heat 13 – Francisco Goya, Jazz Glickenhaus, Josh Stone, Nathan Mershon
Heat 14 – Morgan Noireaux, Camille Juban, Kevin Pritchard, Kai Katchadourian

Women’s Final:
Heat 6 – Ingrid Larouche, Carmen Hsu, Leah Doran, Sam Bittner

Masters Final:
Heat 6 – Brian Caserio, Reed Nelson

Amateur Men after Round 2:
Heat 13 – Ingrid Larouche, Vinnie Armato, Jordan Reid, Nick Dudet
Heat 14 – Reed Nelson, Eric Sorensen, Troy Collins, Brett Greene