On December 11 a wild foehn storm hit Lake Uri (Urnersee) in Switzerland and let the water fly. Some of the ballsy Swiss windsurfers braved the elements and challenged the 120km/h of wind. 11 years-ago, when Balz was 12 years-old he watched a clip from Point Rouge in Marseille and he has dreamed of riding a storm like this ever since. His dreams came true.

“My first run was at 8:30 am. Normally the foehn wind needs about 4hPa difference between the south and north of the Swiss alps to reach the alpine valleys. That day we had over 18 hPa difference. The southerly foehn wind was blowing with gale-force gusts over 120km/h.” (Balz Müller)

Apocalyptic Alpsstorm