Antoine Albert released a short clip called “Pumping Ténia” about the big swell that hit New Caledonia on Thursday, January 21, 2021. He and his friends Yoan Despujols, Flavien Sarciaux & Alex Janin windsurfed massive waves at Ténia. The conditions were pumping. Antoine even damaged a boom and an extension when getting caught by the white water twice. The wind was light and that made it a bit tricky to get on the waves.

“Last Thursday a big swell hit New Caledonia due to a huge storm in the southern Pacific Ocean, bringing over 6 meters waves to our reef. With some friends, we decided to head over to Ténia and score this massive swell. When we arrived at the outer reef with our boat , the wind was super light and a huge river current flowing in the channel from the lagoon to the ocean what made a mooring impossible because the current was pushing the boats into the bowl of the wave… We’ve had to wait for 2 hours, with the engine on, for the wind to pick up a bit. After those 2 hours I decided to try anyway, rigged up, went to the line up and caught a bomb. I was super pumped up and stressed out, got a couple more before getting caught inside a first time, took 3 waves on the head and broke my boom. Luckily I had a second one, went back in again and got a couple more waves before getting caught inside a second time and broke my extension. The wind was so light and the waves so fast. We had to catch them deep and late. I’m happy I have a very good physical preparation to handle this kind of day. It was pretty hectic! Looking forward for the next swell!!” (Antoine Albert)

Antoine Albert, Yoan Despujols, Flavien Sarciaux & Alex Janin windsurf big waves at Ténia, New Caledonia – Video

Camera: Gill Chabaud

Edit: Antoine Albert