On the last weekend from the 19th till the 20th of June 2010 the One Hour Classic event took place at Lake Garda, Circolo Surf Torbole. Cataldo Albano produced a nice clip about the event.

Big names were competing in the event, which has a classic figure 8 Slalom format: current PWA Slalom worldchampion Antoine Albeau, Steve Allen, Finian Maynard, top local Alberto Menegatti, master Slalom worldchampion Marco Begalli and many more.
Antoine, who was aldo there for a promotion at the Shaka windsurfcenter, proofed again his incredible high level and good form. He could win in front of Menegatti and Allen by making most of the lenghts in between the two marks.
Watch the clip of Cataldo plus read a little interview with Antoine Albeau:


Interview with Antoine Albeau about the One Hour Classic 2010

C7: Was it hard to win?
AA: It was not so hard, I had a good speed on the 82 JP Australia and the 8.6 RSR Evo2 LTD. I never received my gear from the plane! So I had to borrow equipment from the Italian rider Marco Begalli for the sail and Luis for the board!!
C7: How were the conditions?
AA: The wind was good for the equipment. It had 10 to 20 knots and it was really light at both jibing marks.
C7: How many rounds did you go?
AA: I don’t really know but we did only half an hour, because the wind was blowing from the north, not constant for one hour.
C7: What was the hardest part having a race one hour?
AA: Half an hour is nothing, so it was not so hard for me.
C7: Do you think, this format would be good for more events?
AA: I think that it could be a bit boring for a hour, but is was fun because you can really see what happens in the back of the race !!

One Hour Classic © ByAldo

Source: continentseven.com 2010, Cataldo Albano, Antoine Albeau