The German freestyle windsurfer Andi Lachauer seems to love Costa Rica’s Lake Arenal. It was not the first time he opted for Costa Rica over the cold Bavarian lakes in winter. Andi decided to leave the cold winter months in Germany and travelled to Costa Rica, Central America.

Costa Rica is well known for world class surfing spots, like Pavones, but also has a great windsurfing spot, lake Arenal. While the winter months, from November till April, strong winds from eastern direction blow over the lake, which is located in the northern highlands of Costa Rica. It´s an artificial lake and the old towns of Arenal and Tonadora now lies abandoned at the bottom of the lake. Lake Arenal is 30 km long and 5 km wide at its widest point.

Andi Lachauer: “It was windy every day. It´s for sure a nice place to go between middle of December till end of February and even 1 month longer the guys from the windurfingcenter Tico Wind told me. It’s the Pura Vida! And I used most of the time small sail sizes. (3.6m to 4.5m)” 


Andi Lachauer with great windsurfing action at Lake Arenal in Costa Rica