Unfortunately the German freestyle windsurfer and producer of the new windsurfing DVD “Minds Wide Open” Andre Paskwoski relapsed with cancer on his right lung and he has do undergo surgery this week.

“Live is a rollercoaster”, Andre wrote in his e-mail, which we got today. “My recent trip to Jeri, Brazil showed me one thing. Life is too beautiful to give up fighting.”  

That is what we think, too. We send Andre a lot of power to don´t give up fighting.


Andre Paskowski by Michael Summereder

Andre´s e-mail:

Life is a rollercoaster. It goes up and down. With the Minds Wide Open Movie delivery we got extremly good feedback and happy faces, but my last testresults in hospital were not that much of a success. The doctors found a newly developed metasthase in my right lung. Actually to be honest already 7 weeks ago I got informed of a little „unnormal“ blood result and I left quickly to Brazil, which was my best time for the last 1.5 years. Returning to Hamburg made me do some more tests and scans and brought up this new development. On Friday I will have an operation on my right lung. They will make a “radical” operation and then hope we finally get to a clean new start.


On the other side the daily ups. We have been shipping the Minds Wide Open DVD since 10 days and we get beautiful feedback all around the world. It is beautiful to read all the comments and e-mails. I want to thank every person. This is why I started doing movies, to give persons a great time and to receive some great feedback. Sure this will help in the upcoming hospital time as well.


Due to my current development with cancer, I´ve decided to support Jannette Kuehn and her „House of Hope“ project. She is currently collecting money to help 5 year old Mohammed Lawser who has acute Lymphoplastik Leukaemia and need urgently financial Support. See the Story of Mohammed here: www.houseofhope.de

Thats why I decided to donate 30EUR from each ordered Canvas Print. You can get 8 different canvas prints in different sizes. www.mindswideopenmovie.com


My recent trip to Jeri / Brazil showed me one thing. Life is too beautiful to give up fighting. So i will keep on fighting 100%!