April 16 is Andre’s birthday. We want to share a memory of Andre on this special day today. Andre always had a smile on his face and a plan for what came next.

In 2004 we travelled to Venezuela to produce our first movie (DVD) called “7 Sons of Freestyle”. The “7 Sons” was standing for seven extraordinary freestyle windsurfers, who were training together in El Yaque.

Andre Paskowski was one of “our 7 sons” together with Ricardo Campello, Cheo Diaz, Gollito Estredo, Remko de Weerd, Antxon Otaegui and Normen Guenzlein.

From that moment Andre was a big and important part of the Continentseven world as professional windsurfer, business man and video producer.

Unfortunately Andre lost the battle against the cancer and passed away much too early 4 years ago, on August 2, 2013.

Andre in “7 Sons of Freestyle”

Filmed by Chris Pressler, Kerstin Reiger, Matthias Lindner
Edited by Kerstin Reiger
Produced by Continentseven 2004
Music by Frank Hoffmann “I am feeling so good”