Slovenian windsurfer Andraz Zan (SLO-49) spent a great time in Egypt (Dahab, Blue Lagoon) in autumn 2015. He now released a nice clip, called Escape, about his trip. This time he and his friends had to leave from Egypt through Israel. Read more about the exciting trip here

“Every once in a while everyone has to escape from the reality. If you are a windsurfer that of course happens more often, thats the magic of windsurfing. Even if we don’t get luck with the wind, we can have an awesome time. I think it was my around 30th time in Dahab and I still love it. The place is magical, “golden”. I didn’t have strong wind this time, but it was still a lot of fun on the water and finally I explored the desert a little bit more. Enjoy the clip and don’t forget to escape from time to time ;)” Andraz Zan


Andraz Zan in “Escape” in Egypt (Dahab, Blue Lagoon) in autumn 2015