Amado Vrieswijk with power freestyle from Bonaire

Amado Vrieswijk did his homework over the winter months. Kuma Movie filmed the vice PWA freestyle world champion from 2016 and 2017 during a free session in Klein Bonaire. It’s a small island located just one kilometer off shore from Kralendijk, Bonaire’s main village. The 22 year-old Bonaire local is going strong, lands Shifties, Double Air Culos and Air Kabikuchis perfectly and will be the hardest contender for Gollito Estredo & co in 2018. Amado doesn’t need flat water conditions to perform well. He is able to land very difficult moves in difficult conditions. That’s impressive!

Amado Vrieswijk lands incredible freestyle moves in Klein Bonaire

Filmed & edited by Kuma Movie

More extreme freestyle action from Bonaire by Amado Vrieswijk, Kiri Thode, Taty Frans and Aron Etmon


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Amadoo!! Now that’s power style! Newest Kuma video also has him land a perfect double forward at Lac (you can find it on youtube)