Jochen Stolz  from El Medano, Tenerife sent us a short story with several radical photos from an exciting session at a secret spot on the southern coast in March 2013. Alex Mussolini sailed on his 2014 Gaastra wave sails during this winterstorm. Read more…


Words by Jochen Stolz: 

Tenerife has far more to offer than the Worldcup spot Cabezo and El Medano Bay. Especially during the winter you will be able to find other spots with brilliant waves. Last years PWA Wave World ranked number 3 Alex Mussolini, El Medano (La Tejita) resident, is one of the local Tenerife Windsurfers that knows about the variety of spots on the island and has always an eye at the forecast maps to not miss one of those magic moments everyone loves our sport so much for.

At the beginning of March 2013 we again had such a magic moment. A hurricane warning was given out and the schools on all the island got closed due to the bad weather forecast and heavy rain. On Monday we had some nice down the line wavesailing at the El Medano bay with strong wind and some small, but quality waves…


Alex Mussolini on fire (Pic: Jochen Stolz).

Alex Mussolini on fire (Pic: Jochen Stolz).


Alex Mussolini and Lampie (Martin Ten Hove ) decided that day for Alex’s homespot La Tejita. Some nice waves were breaking and the wind blew strong. The next day the waves at El Medano were quite small and I checked together with Lampie some other spots on the island. Alex in the meanwhile had some other plans.

There is a surfing spot atth esouthern coast of Tenerife that he never windsurfed before. It’s a gnarly small slab that sucks away so much water that mainly boogie boarders surf this wave. When we arrived we didn’t know if it would work, but Alex wanted to give it a go. During low tide some nice small powerful waves were breaking at the reef and Aerials were the target. After 2 hours with rising tide the spot transformed into a not surfable small monster that broke directly into some sharp rocks. So even a landing into the flat section in front of the lip would have ended on the rocks. Alex, Lampie and Sandro then sailed another spot for one more hour.


We now wait for a similar forecast and hope this secret wavespot will let us more often have some magical moments!


And we really hope all of you will find your own magic moments out there windsurfing… saludos from Tenerife. More about El Medano on