Alex Grand-Guillot had two nice wave sessions at his home spots at Siouville and at Urville in the Normandy (France). The long sandy beach of Siouville is well known for water sports, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and works great for wave windsurfing. There is just one bad news about the spot. Just 2,5 km further south of Siouville is the big nuclear power station of Flamanville, which produces around 3 % of the French electricity demand. Let’s hope it will not effect the spots and the water quality in that region. 

Alex, who was born in Cherbourg (21 km from Siouville) and lives there, is one of the young upcoming wave windsurfers. He is 17, participated in the juniors competition at Pozo Izquierdo last year, finished in 5th and will try to make it through the trials in 2015. We wish good luck!


Watch Alex Grand-Guillot at his home spots in the Normandy

filmed by: Salome and Charles Grand-Guillot
edited by: Alex Grand-Guillot