What is Air Camp? Find it out. Just watch the latest video featuring Adam Sims, Dudu Levi, Julian Wiemar and Julien Dorer, their personal Doc. Timothy Cowen from Mothy Media directed and filmed the “Air Camp Rules” production in South Africa. The main drive for the new project came from German freestyler Julian Wiemar, who was inspired by the Air Camps in the surfing scene: “It’s all about the air nowadays. We don’t slide anymore, also in freestyle.” And to put it straight, for Adam Sims the best windsurfer is the one touching the water the least and the positive side effect is, you can’t get injured if you stay in the air 😉

The Air Camp was kind of a private Windsurf Training Camp in the winter of 2020, a time of reflection and creation for pro frestylers Julian Wiemar, Dudu Levi, Adam Sims who had all started the season in great form, only to be individually struck by injury. With Air Camp medic and part time windsurfer Dr. Dorer on standby, there was only one thing for it, hit some fat lips and send some tricks, but don’t forget the rules, IT’S AIR CAMP BABY!!! OH MY GOSH!!!

The Air Camp participants also established some rules for the camp but they forgot one: Don’t take yourself too serious. 


Air Camp Rules – The freestyle windsurfing movie from South Africa with Adam Sims, Dudu Levi, Julian Wiemar and Julien Dorer

Directed & filmed by Timothy Cowen from Mothy Media