When we saw Adam Warchol’s latest video, we were impressed by his windsurfing and especially his surfing skills and thought: “This 15 year-old kid shreds.” Adam has some big goals and if he continues like that, he’s definitely one to watch out for in the future.

We hooked up with the blondie to find out more about him.

Adam in the air on his skate board

Adam in the air on his skate board


Who is Adam Warchol

When and where were you born?
I was born 26.09.2001 in Warsaw, Poland

How come you live in Tarifa?
My parents are windsurfers and thought Tarifa was a cool place, and so we moved here. I was 6 at the time.

What are your favorite spots (for windsurfing and surfing)?
For windsurfing my favourite spots are Caños de Meca (pointbreak) and Rio Jara (beacbreak), because of a really nice wave which builds up with incoming swell. And for surfing I prefer El Palmar (beachbreak). At El Palmar you find the biggest waves and I also like Yerbabuena (pointbreak). But my dream is to live in Maui, where you get the best waves, and where I could be in the water every day, whether windsurfing or surfing.

How and when did you start windsurfing?
When I was 11, my dad got me into windsurfing. I often went with him and if the weather conditions were good for me I was practicing. And at a point I got totally into it. So I have been windsurfing for 4 years.

And how long have you been surfing?
I started 6 years ago.

Skateboarding, Surfing or Windsurfing? What’s your favorite one?
I love windsurfing and surfing all the same, they’re both my number one. If I’m not in the water, I like to go skateboarding. But I love waves.

Adam getting barrelled

Adam getting barrelled

How does an average day in your life look like?
I spend most of the time in the water, haha. During the week I go to school, and, depending on the weather conditions, I choose between windsurfing, surfing or skateboarding. Over the weekend I spend most of the days at the beach.

What is your favourite windsurfing move?
Tweakead aerial and Push loop.

Which windsurfing moves do you practice at the moment?
I’m working on the Air Taka and 360s on the wave.

Adam in the air

Do you have any idols in windsurfing?
Jason Polakow is my all time favourite but when it comes to the more current windsurfers, I’d say Marcilio Browne and Levi Siver.

What do you like about windsurfing?
Riding the wave, the great possibility for jumps and the various tricks.

Adam Warchol surfing in Tarifa

Adam Warchol slash

What do you like besides windsurfing?
I like surfing and skateboarding. I also enjoy snowboarding, if I have the possibility. Otherwise, I draw and read, I like learning and discovering new things.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
In 5 years, I’d like to be in the PWA’s top 10, try the Jaws, and participate in Redbull Storm Chase. I really hope I’ll be able to be a part of the polish surfing team at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. All in all, I’d like to travel the world, and ride the best waves, while both surfing and windsurfing.

Thanks for the interview and keep on shredding the waves and the asphalt!

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