Adam Lewis released a video with action from Harlyn and Woolacombe in Cornwall. The UK windsurfer loves to ride waves and just brings a good 2015 season to an end with good results on the BWA on the PWA tour. He spent his autumn in England and followed swells and wind around Cornwall. The result is a nice clip, which shows Adam riding waves in side off and side on conditions. Additionally to the video we caught up with Adam for a little interview, which you can read below the video.


Adam Lewis at Harlyn and Woolacombe


Interview with Adam Lewis about his autumn sessions in Cornwall and his 2015 season


Continentseven: You scored big conditions at UK during autumn. Where was it?
Adam Lewis: I filmed at loads of spots over the autumn, its been windy virtually every day since I got back from the tour! Somehow though the footage I ended up using was only from two different spots, pretty much just 2 sessions. The first one is called Harlyn, it’s probably one of my favourite spots. When the rest of the coast is horrible, on-shore and mental windy you can go to that little bay and its side off perfection! We get loads and loads of days like that, its kinda an average day, it can be a lot better. A lot of people think of Europe as onshore sailing, but I think I’ve only sailed side-onshore to film a quick bit of jumping for the clip, the rest of the time it’s side-off. The other spot was Woolacombe which is just in front of my girlfriend’s house. It’s quite good training for Sylt etc. It’s fun to get some jumping in the mix too. If it’s windy the current is pretty mental  and the waves are really choppy, it’s probably one of the most fickle places I’ve ever sailed, can be great for 5 mins and then terrible 20mins then good again. (e.n. both spots are located on Cornwall’s northwestern coast)


Continentseven:  What’s special about these spots? It looks quite quiet and remote on the video.
Adam Lewis: In a way nothing, they are just the spots close to where I live. I just liked the footage when I went through and used that. I guess the whole of the South-west of England is a lot like that, small villages and hidden little bays. You never know what gold is around the corner, I love it! It takes a bit of planning. A lot of the places are really really tide dependent. So you have to know what spots to go and Im getting the hang of it by now.


Continentseven:  Did the surfers – there were a few in the lineup – respect you, when you showed up with the windsurfing gear?
Adam Lewis: Yeah it’s fine, I surf a lot around the spots so I know some of the guys. I make sure I let a few good ones go through for them and I kinda make sure they see that that’s what I’m doing. As a windsurfer if you wanted you could take basically every good wave that comes so as long as you share and are fair and they see that then I think it’s fine… It just boils down to respect I guess.


Continentseven:  Who filmed you and did you edit the video yourself?
Adam Lewis: My girlfriend Lucy filmed. I’ve got to say a massive, massive thanks to her because she stood in the wind, the rain and knee deep in freezing cold water to film and didn’t moan at all, so I definitely owe her big time. I did the edit myself, I can’t do anything too fancy, but I can sort the colours and stuff… It’s quite good to go through all the footage from a training point of view and it’s good fun to do the editing.


Continentseven:  Did you ride production gear during theses sessions?
Adam Lewis: Well, sort of. The whole rig is. The board is a prototype, it’s a possible future Triwave with 5 boxes.


Continentseven:  Is autumn the best season for wind and swell in UK?
Adam Lewis: The winter can be really good, too, but it’s just starting to get cold. I was sailing in a 3:2 until a last week, but now it’s cold.


Continentseven:  The winter is around the corner. Where are you going hang out during the winter?
Adam Lewis: I’ll be a mix between the Canaries and the UK, then off to Maui for spring… it’s a hard life.


Continentseven:  You did pretty well on the PWA tour in 2015. A solid 13th overall. What will come next and what needs to be done?
Adam Lewis: I guess this year jumping seemed to be my weakness. I think my wave riding is right up there, maybe could be a little more consistent or work of doing more on the wave rather than the biggest turn I can do. But mostly the bloody double! Need to get that on lock down.


Continentseven:  Did you watch the livestream from the Aloha Classic?
Adam Lewis: Yeah sure, I watched quite a bit. I could of dropped a few more places so I was keeping an eye on that. Conditions looked interesting, some heats looked like a lottery, but I guess you could say that for a lot of events. Wish I could be there to take part!


Continentseven: Were you jealous not being there this year?
Adam Lewis: Yeah, really jealous! I was gutted when I saw all the guys had sailed Jaws. But the Maui event clashes with a UK wave event and it’s really important to me to try and be UK champ. We have a really good tour in the UK and there are a lot of amazing sailors. It’s actually pretty gnarly! So I have to put some focus on that too. (e.n. Adam finished the BWA tour in 2nd place, Ross Williams won the 2015 title)


Continentseven:  What was your personal highlight in 2015 and what are you aiming for in 2016?
Adam Lewis: Hmmm that’s a hard one… Although my overall was ok, my events didn’t go so well. Maybe coming 2nd in the Siam park wave pool jump. That was like a dream to be on the podium for any sort of PWA event! For 2016 I would like top 10 overall and UK champ. I’d like to actually do well in Tenerife one year too.


Continentseven:  Will you stay with Fanatic/NorthSails/ION in 2016?
Adam Lewis: Yeah, I feel really at home with the whole team and also with the guys and girls behind the companies, too!


Continentseven: Thanks for the interview, good luck with your Doubles and good luck for 2016!


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