It looks like the Czech freestyle scene is totally alive and gets better and better in windsurfing. Voita edited a nice video.

“The official Czech name is Myslivský rybník but we call it Mysliff lagoon. It is a small pond situated in the southwestern part of Czech Republic near the town of Klatovy. This session was kind of special because for the first time I remember there were the best freestyle riders of our country jamin’ together and it was pretty cool to see that the level of those guys is every season better and better. We need more sessions like this!” Tom Malina reports about the two windy days on the 12th and 13th of November 2010. Tom, PWA Slalom racer, set this day the best GPS speed of the year on a Czech lake. He had excellent 68,9 km/h on his GPS. Congrats Tom!

Following riders are performing in the video:
Petr Kabát alias Golfer, Jindra Drahoš, Vojta and Mathew Trojan, Pavel Sládek alias Kozzy, Michal Ciliak, Míra Cihák, Honza Vízek, Petr Bašta,Tomáš Parýzek, Tom Malina and more…
Vojta Trojan edited the following clip quite well