“Day 6 delivered awesome action!!! We started slowly in Cotillo this morning, finishing heat 3 of yesterday’s first round, and then we all moved to Puertito as the spot started going off.”

 There, the organisation sent the riders in mast high monsters and after some nice crashes, great air actions, deep surfs and a few destroyed riggs, a 2nd round could be completed today in hardcore conditions!


Heat #3 : Will vs Ilya vs Yannick vs Boujmaa vs Dario.

Today the morning spots check brought the riders and the organization in Cotillo’s beach again, as the swell was again better down there, with 10-15 knots side shore wind.

In these conditions, mostly the same as yesterday, riders of heat 3 could finally complete their heat. Surely motivated by the good points scored yesterday by his 2 team partners, Robin and Stephane, Boujmaa shot the best waves and did the best moves, in front of Yannick Anton, Will Ward, Ilya Escario and Dario Ojeda.

At 14.45 pm the contest got continued in PUERTITO. In 15-20 knots side to side offshore and logo to more than mast high waves the whole round got completed.


Results of heat 1 : 1/Francisco, 2/Thomas, 3ex/Robin-Antony and 5/Ilya…
Results of heat 2 : 1/Stephane, 2/Dario, 3/Klaas, 4/Will and 5/JB.
Results of heat 3 : 1/Jonas , 2ex/Boujmaa/Yannick , 4/Jaume , 5/Aleix .


1/ Stephane Etienne’s team with 23 pts.
2/ Will Ward’s team with 21 pts.
3/ Yanncik Anton’s team with 17.5 pts.
4/ Jaume Coll’s team with 15.5 pts.
5/ Ilya Escario’s team with 13 pts.