Julien Mas released a new freestyle clip with windsurfing action from Greece. The French windsurfers loves Greece and has been traveling to Crete every summer since he is 16 years-old. Julien loves the Greek people, as they are always ready to help, he loves the landscape, the food and of course the windy summers. 

“This place feels like home for me and I would be sad if I couldn’t go there in the next summer 20.20 anymore.” (Julien Mas)

So, this summer was another summer for Julien in Greece. Although he finished the first PWA event in Bonaire on a fantastic 3rd place he decided to quit the PWA competitions for the rest of the year and travel to Greece. And his start of the trip only reflects why Julien loves the Greek people: “After the Surf World Cup at Lake Neusiedl in the beginning of May I stayed a few weeks in Austria and then drove to Greece to take a ferry to Crete. When I arrived in Greece around 1am I really wanted to sleep and my motor broke down 1km before the place I planned to sleep. So I spent the night to find a garage and someone, who could pick me up. But I had no rush. I anyway stayed till the middle of August. The guy from the garage made me a surprise and worked the whole night to make my car ready to drive. 4 days later I could continue my trip to Crete.”

Julien Mas with freestyle windsurfing and tow-in action from Palekastro, Crete, Greece

Filmed by Timon Trattner, edited by Julien Mas