David Krief learned to windsurf when he was young but focused more on sailing competitions during the last years and works as sailing instructor for the Societe Nautique of Bandol in the South of France. But at the age of 23 (6 years ago) he decided to stop with sailing competitions and restart windsurfing. A road trip to Tarifa was his first windsurfing trip and he loved it. When are you going to start your next windsurfing trip? Traveling can enrich your life a lot!

“At the age of 23 I decided to stop the sailing competition, go back to windsurfing and give everything! I usually ride in Six Fours Les Plages, the home spot of Adrien Bosson, our local windsurfing rockstar! This was my first windsurfing road trip and I went to Spain with my girlfriend. She filmed everything for our first video! We travelled from Tarifa (Bolonia, Los Lances, Playa Chica & Valdevaqueros), to Pals and Port de La Selva at Costa Brava, Catalunya. These are amazing places!” David Krief


Vaca Loca – A windsurfing trip from South of France to Tarifa