Arrianne Aukes had a busy summer travelling the coast of Europe. Watch her stylish clip.

Continentseven: Which spots are in the video?
Arrianne Aukes: La Tajita in Tenerife, Sagres in Portugal, Sancti Petri in Cadiz, Costa Calma in Fuerteventura, Matas Blancas in Fuerteventura
Continentseven: What have you been up to lately?
Arrianne: Were in Brazil for one and a half month now! Haven’t been in Jeri so much so far, mainly other spots like Camocim, Icaraizinho and some unknown spots! 
Continentseven: Landing any new moves lately?
Arrianne: I am working on a lot of new moves, Burners and Skopus are the plan for this  trip!
Continentseven: How will you spend the rest of your winter?
Arrianne: Will be in Brazil for one more month, then home for a bit. Probably going to Venezuela for the first PWA competition of the next year.



Edited by Sebastian Godsmark

Filmed by: James Hoare & Continentseven