In the middle of August Edzus Viksna and his windsurfing friends did a trip from Pavilosta to Akmensrags on the Latvian coast. And as we don’t often see videos from this side of the Baltic sea, we thought it is nice to share.

Edzus Viksna: “The first day was a pretty nice day in Pavilosta. The wind was about 20-30 knots and we had nice side-shore wind which turned a bit off-shore. Waves were about 2-4 metres high. On the second day the wind was blowing with 30 knots in Akmensrags and we used 3.7 – 4.7 metro sails and the waves were 2-3 metres high. We windsurfers about 6,5 hours.
Windsurfers: Maris Minkevics, Kaspars Purmalis, Janis Zalkalns, Janis Solks, Daniels Rougevicus, Edzus Viksna and more