Philip Köster could win the 2008 Red Bull Big Days 2008, a german waveriding competition.


Philip Köster - Pic:

Philip Köster - Pic:




C7: Congratulations to your victory at the 2008 Red Bull Big Days 2008. So, you are the best German rider in the waves! How does it feel?
Philip: It feels very good, the level was really high during the contest. It was a hard competition.


C7: Was it your biggest title so far?
Philip: I think this year I have two big titles, the Red Bull Big Day winner, a really crazy and hard event and the 5th place in the PWA single elimination in Pozo PWA men wave event.


C7: I guess Klaas Voget and Dany Bruch, who also sails with a G in the sail now would be also very strong opponents. They were not there. Can you beat them, too?
Philip: It would be more difficult, but with luck it could have been possible, in strong conditions.


C7: Did you like the conditions at Weissenhaus? Were they similar to your homespots?
Philip: The conditions were very similar to Vargas. I liked it very much to be there, but it was definitly too cold, but i did it. That is the main reason, why I am so happy.


C7: Which gear, sail- and boardsizes, did you use out there in the Baltic sea?
Philip: I had used the 4.2 Alpha sail, and the EVO 70. Just perfect!


C7: We saw, you sailed without shoes! The water just had 8°. How could you perform in that cold water without shoes?
Philip: I do not know. It was freezing, but I can not surf with shoes. I don not have the right feeling for the board, ok with the frozen feet either :o) It is in the body.


C7: You live on Gran Canaria! Would you change GC, especially Vargas against Maui?
Philip: No, but I like to be there, do training in starboardtack. I hope to be there again in April for the photoshooting with Neil Pryde.


C7: You could land a Pushloop into Forward, one of the most difficult moves. Was it a clean one?
Philip: It was my best clean one!!!


C7: How will you prepare for the 2009 season and what are your goals for the PWA competitions?
Philip: I don´t prepare myself especially for PWA, i just go windsurfing. But I will fly to Australia for the first time, so I really expect great fun, and waveriding-training.
My goals are to be next year as good as this year in pozo, but it is luck against whom I will have to do the heats. In sylt my second heat was against Kauli. I made a very good scoring, but could not do it in waveriding, so I was out. And I could not compete anymore because it was only a single elimination. In competitions there can always things happen. And I will try to do 3 PWA events. Hope there will be one in Brazil.


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