Tiki Documentary 7 of 8 – Carbon or Wood?

on 12. November, 2012 – 23:59 / 5 Comments

Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction since 1995. A sheet of 0.6 mm Australian plantation pine wood forms the full outer shell of the board. Wood’s unique properties are its natural rigidity, superior resistance to compression and higher energy absorption compared to carbon. The advantages of wood in a board are rigid flex and more impact resistant than Carbon. In choppy conditions a Wood board is maybe more forgiving than a carbon construction. The Carbon construction has advantages on the light wind racing models or bigger wave boards where the key criteria are acceleration efficiency, weight and maximum hull stiffness (slalom, speed). Starboard offers the wood technology on almost all models (wave boards, free ride boards and Slalom boards). During the last years also other companies, like JP, Fanatic or Tabou have discovered the wood technology but offer it only for selected models and mostly for beginners or advanced sailors.   

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  • Marcel says:

    Phillip shouldn’t talk. Just surf.

  • wood says:

    i dont understand what they talking about for 12 minutes…. they all have a boner?? why is not stiff and they prefer flexi??

  • schleudergang says:

    so true,so true, he is so sympatic when he is talking, but surfing is something he is really good at! :) by the way not all of us happen to be world champions (or not even anywhere near it :)) with latest multi-grand kit thrown at them anyway – so why at all care how long it lasts ? i think if one is seroious about investing his OWN money in a really long living board the only way i know of is dyneema(equals Witchcraft-boards), the dyneema boards are barely heavier if at all and could save your life in a quarrel with few guys armed with kalashnikows. there may be good and very real reasons to buy a Starboard for somebody, but all this talk about its material quality, feels like commecial propaganda. why bother if cardboad is more stable than fabric if there is titan or aluminium to build an airplane? and to be clear: i am not working at Witchcraft neither do i personally have their board. if i’d have the money for a recent board i would probably have one. i just don’t like the feeling that a hollow commercial tries to manipulate me. on the other hand.. somebody has to make money aviliable for Phillip and the Moreno sisters to be able to train and still pay their bills. and want to see them further pushing the limits.