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The Olympic decision – News

on 10. November, 2012 – 01:21 / 6 Comments

RS:X Windsurfing versus Kiteboarding at the Olympics 2016 in Rio, Brazil: The ISAF will see a first important voting at the annual conference.


RS:X action at the starting line (Pic: NeilPryde).


The November 9th 2012 was the day of a first Olympic pre-decision in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. The voting would have needed 75% yesterday to see a clear decision to bring back RS:X, the Olympic One Design Class by NeilPryde. But 68 % were not enough to reopen the discussion, what´s a bad news for the Olympic Windsurfing class. Have a look at the posting of the ISAF, which does not look too optimistic out of the windsurfer´s view: “With 38 possible votes, the 75% requirement was not achieved on either proposal so the events and equipment as approved in May 2012 remain for Rio 2016.”


Or have a look on the live Ticker from the conference here


They posted following comment: “The proposals to re-open the debate did not receive the required 75% of votes from ISAF Council. The Events and Equipment confirmed in May 2012 stand.”

Let´s see, if this voting was the final decision thet RS:X will be not be a class at he next Olympic games in Rio 2016.


World of Windsurfing (WOW), a non-profit organisation represented by its members Cobra International, JP-Australia, Neil Pryde, Starboard, Fanatic, North Sails, surf Magazin, surf & action company, Club Mistral and F2 Boards, has sent an Open Letter to all ISAF members yesterday, asking to keep windsurfing an Olympic discipline.


We thought it would be good to give you all the chance to read some collected arguments on this sensitive issue. If kiteboarding would replace windsurfing a lot of people would lose their jobs and a lot of windsurfers their chance to live the Olympic dream. 


Have a look on the 5 pages long letter signed by the CEO & Executive Board Member Danu Chotikapanich and CEO & Executive Board Member Martin Brandner: WOW_Open Letter ISAF_final





  • dupaks says:

    Windsurf approved!

    There will be windsurf in rio 2016!

  • georgi says:

    no matter what they say, windsurfing was FIRST then kites came in.

  • Oly says:

    whats the decision for 2020?

  • Let’s hope for freestyle/wave/slalom windsurfing in 2020 ..

  • balz müller says:

    i`m agree whit youp, and why not windsurf and kite as well !!! its like ski`ing and snowboarding… its a damm argument 😉 lets have fun on water

  • mille says:

    Anybody at ISAF really knows what they are doing? In the last half year nearly every windsurf report in mainstream media in german TV (especially regarding the olympic discipline) and print media (and I bet quite the same in other sailing countries) had the message windsurfing the very last time at the olympics in London. So every report about it had a certain sense of “it’s not really interesting to inform you about it when it will not be part of the olympics anymore”.
    On the other hand kitesurfing got some coverage just because of the fact that they are part of RIO 2016. And I mean all of the disciplines wave, course race, freestyle. So the last half of year demolished the windsurfing reputation pushed the kiteboarders mediawise and now they again destroy hopes (now for the kiteboarders) just because they are not able to include both disciplines as it would have been possible now and one or two years ago when they orginally decides the classes for Rio 2016.