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PWA Tenerife 2012 – Final Philip Köster vs. Alex Mussolini

on 16. July, 2012 – 14:01 / 3 Comments

We filmed the winning run of Philip Köster and the run of Alex Mussolini in the winners final of the Double Elimination at the 2012 PWA Wave Worldcup Tenerife. Check out the runs. Mussolini scored the highest wave score in the final with a perfect ten and impressed the judges. He even beat Köster in the wave scores, but Köster showed two perfect jumps, a Pushloop into Forward and a Double Forward Loop, which brought him the highest points of 24. In the final seconds of the heat, Philip did a Triple Forward loop attempt. Below is also a third video, where you can watch Sparky, one of the judges, explaining the judging during the final. More interviews and infos about the final day at El Cabezo you can check out in our report from day 4 here.


Double Elimination – Winnersfinal. Heat of Philip Köster, with which he won the competition


Double Elimination – Winnersfinal. Heat of Alex Mussolini, with which he got second in the competition


Sparky is one of the judges and in this video he explains the judging during the finals






  • Oly says:

    Great footage thanks for this C7!
    Wind was good but waves looked a bit crapy imho…

  • Jasper says:

    C7 – BIG THANKS!!!!

  • georgi says:

    If Musso can throw himself into mastering more the double forward he can achieve something even bigger. I had the chance to watch him in Pozo this year- man,his waveriding is exceptional… he seems to stick like a magnet on white water. Saying that his DTL waveriding is as radical as it can get-I can trace some Hookipa(Graham Ezzy,Levi Siver style kind of think)influence as well. Besides he is a cool down to earth guy and I am proud to have taken a picture with him. Respect.