Goiter Moritz Mauch
on 7. March, 2014 – 14:20 / 13 Comments

This Goiter by the German wave windsurfer Moritz Mauch is pretty amazing, isn’t it?



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  • jojo says:

    Stunning !! These days C7 is showing some real perfection ( Bouj wave 360 included).

  • fisher says:

    amazing, specially the bottom turn!!
    ah no, sorry there is no turn there…

  • huiuiui says:

    amazing how he holds the speed just by the power of the wave!
    ah sorry, Its just a chop..
    still, nicely performed moritz, you re doing the best to make it look like waveriding.

  • louis says:

    It is funny how almost every move posted on here from pozo is met with hostility. Yes the waves in pozo are small and choppy, so do you expect gouging carves, late hits and arials? Pozo is a windsurfing playground where people like Moritz can pull some crazy moves of tiny waves, and I think it looks awesome

  • huiuiui2 says:

    Nice one!

    for me, something like this is more spectacular than a clean waveride at hookipa. you have to adapt to this kind of conditions. to ride a clean wave is easier and i think most of the haters here have never done a cf goiter before….

    • huiuiui says:

      i have done both, and u are so wrong …

      • the thing is... says:

        .. what is more spectacular for people to watch. This wave-freestyle move is more interesting than a lot of this down the line stuff.

        I don’t get these Hookipa guys always going on about how every turn should be like in surfing.

        So drop the sail and go surfing.

        This is windsurfing.

        And we need this!

  • jojo says:

    Watching this gem clip again and again I think that sail makers should focus on making sails more stable and friendly when ridden clew first-just a hint(I am sure that this will turn into a big topic for future tests,magazine reviews etc. How would the less batten sails compare to a five batten in such conditions?) Again, amazing Moritz!

  • Morgan says:

    Damn. Why are people making this about onshore vs is sideshore. They’re both hard to be good at and and when some one sails well in either of these conditions it’s impressive.

    • raw says:

      …coz they compare apples and oranges! And as everybody knows: apples are better. No, wait, oranges! Or … apples?!

  • fisher says:

    the main problem for me comes from reading the title of this move: “this goiter is pretty amazing, isn’t it?”
    so my answer is: no

    this is not amazing because there is no bottom turn, he is just flying across the spot switch stance clew first, finds a little white water to jump off and make this nice move.

    now for all the people who think aim just one more “hater” : please look at the 2 other moves from Moritz on this website , 2 airtakas from Pozo. or

    please people have a look, on theses 3 moves there is never a bottom turn, it is not wave riding, because he is not riding the wave for any of these moves. he could do any of theses 3 moves on flat water. if you want to call it a wave move, go for it but please dont call this an “amazing” or “perfect” goiter.

    there are waves in pozo, and there are people wave riding in Pozo, but this is just not waveriding.