Ziviney is an internet clip about the “Zivis” (persons carrying out alternative/social service instead of the military service) on Norderney, one of the East Frisian Islands of the North Sea at the German coast. Meikel Thies had the idea for the movie. Now, after almost eight months, the movie is finished. “Our intention was to give the people outside a glimpse on the time we spent together on Norderney with all its different aspects of life. We believe that the movie pretty nice lives up to that,” writes Meikel.
The Zivis are: Serge Linnekuhl, Niklas Beulting, Frieder Dengler, Meikel Thies, Tim Kröpelin, Thomas Heringlehner, Jan Peisker, Thorben Jasper, Helge Steineck, Dorian Peinecke, Wanja Munz and Benedikt Küpers.