Zdenek Maryzko lives in Tarifa, where he works a lot in the high season from spring till early autumn. Now he has got some spacetime to travel to Morocco. It’s a short ferry ride, bit of immigration time in Tanger at the Moroccan border and a 8 hour long car drive to Moulay Bouzerktoune, the home spot of Boujmaa Guilloul. It was worth the trip. Zdenek was on his small equipment and enjoyed the excellent wave conditions – the waves were over head high and wind blew side shore – at one of Morocco’s best wave spots. He landed great stalled Forwards, Back loops and scored excellent wave rides with Aerials.

I traveled from Tarifa just for nine days to Moulay for a good forecast. It was windy every day. I was on 4,1m and my small board all the time.  Moulay is definitely one of my favourite spots. Zdenek Maryzko


Czech wave windsurfer Zdenek Maryzko enjoyed the great wave conditions in Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco in October 2019