Zdenek Maryzko is a 32 year-old windsurfer from Praha, Czech Republic, who actually lives and works at Tarifa in Spain. He spent the last three months at Dakhla, Western Sahara, Morocco and sailed in nice waves and had good sessions  in the lagoon of Dakhla, too. Now Zdenek released a 4 minutes long clip about his best sessions.


Zdenek Maryzko’s statement about his time at Dakhla:


“I stay in my van at Dakhla and I change between the spots Oum Labouir and the Lagoon all the time. The quad is from my father and he visits me every winter there at Dakhla with his camper car and my mother. My father is a windsurfer, too and sometimes we use the quad to go to Point de L’Or, wave spot in the middle of nowhere. My favorite spot is Oum Labouir. There you wake up just ten meters from the ocean. Not many spots are like this one.”


Zdenek has a good style and nice timing on the wave and in the air. The Cheese Rolls look rad. Dakhla has great wave conditions and is definitely worth a trip. You just have to like living in the desert. The sand of the Sahara is everywhere and it’s hard to find any shade providing spots.



Watch Zdenek Maryzko at Dakhla


Zdenek Maryzko at Dakhla, Western Sahara

Zdenek Maryzko at Dakhla, Western Sahara