Youp Schmit and Yentel Caers are joint first at the moment for the Men’s Freestyle Windsurfing World title race and it looks as though it will be a two-horse race between them. Both are on 19,600 points, which gives them a 550 point cushion over their next closest challengers, who are Amado Vrieswijk and Steven van Broeckhoven. Below the video we have listed different scenarios for the freestyle title races. Thanks to the PWA for the calculation. 

Youp Schmit had to undergo a knee surgery on his left knee right after the event in Fuerteventura this year, which is not the best prerequisite for the final freesytyle event of the year in Sylt, Germany. He had around 6 weeks to recover and prepare for the World Cup final on Sylt, Germany. He managed to get fit and windsurfs with a knee brace.

In our interview Youp Schmit told us, that he has recovered well and feels fit for the competition.

Thanks to Youp Schmit for recording the interview in Bonaire!

Interview – Youp Schmit



Single Elimination Scenario: 
– A top 4 finish or better for either Schmit or Caers would guarantee one of them the title no matter the results elsewhere. In the event that both sailors were to qualify for the top 4 then the title would then be decided by whoever finishes higher. 
– If either sailor (Schmit/Caers) finishes 4th or better in the single then one of them will win the title as the worse they could finish in the double is 5th, which gives an unassailable lead. For example, 5th place (9,600 points) in the double would leave Schmit or Caers on 29,100 points and a victory for either Amado Vrieswijk (JP / Severne) or Steven Van Broeckhoven (Starboard / GUNSAILS) would only see them reach 29,050 points.
– In order for Vrieswijk or Van Broeckhoven to have a shot at the title with just a single elimination, they would need Schmit/Caers to finish 5th or worse and win the single elimination themselves. 
– In the unlikely, but certainly not impossible event, that Schmit/Caers were to finish joint 9th in the single, then joint 5th place or better for Vrieswijk/Van Broeckhoven would see them move into the lead.
Outside Chance
– However, in the above scenario where Schmit/Caers finish joint 9th in the single – that would then bring Antony Ruenes (Tabou / GA Sails) into the equation, as if the Frenchman was the win the single elimination, then Vrieswijk or Van Broeckhoven would be required to finish second in order to stay ahead.
Double Elimination Scenario
– A top 6 finish or better for Schmit/Caers would guarantee one of them the world title. If both finish in the top 6 then whoever beats who would win the world title.
– If Schmit/Caers were to finish joint 7th – then Vrieswijk or Van Broeckhoven could still win the title by finishing at least second. In the event of a Vrieswijk/Van Broeckhoven final, whoever beats who would win the world title.