Baptiste Cloarec is a 18 year-old French windsurfing talent from Brittany, who recently caused some stir in South Africa. Filmer Tom Deburchgrave followed him with his cam to Platboom, near the Cape of Good Hope. Unusual starboard tack conditions in January with great waves created perfect down the line conditions. Tom, who is a great windsurfer himself was impressed by Baptiste: “I was filming in Platboom two days ago but almost nobody could make it out in the huge break. And the few ones that made it where too scared to take a wave. Then this kid showed up and sailed straight out and took every wave like it was nothing. And after the session he told me….”yeah but starboard tack is not really my side.”

Baptiste learned windsurfing only 5 years ago from his father. The 18 year-old is currently staying in Cape Town to learn English at an EF school (international school). His favorite spot is Le Dossen in France, which is his home spot and he loves to share a session with his friends Nicolas Quemener or Philippe Mesmeur there. His favorite moves are the Back loop and Goiter and he told us, he likes the men with the big style, like Jaeger Stone or Marcilio Browne.

We guess we can expect a lot from Baptiste in the near future. In 2018 he made it on the podium in the PWA youth wave event in Tenerife. He finished third in the under 20 category. And it looks like he again improved his skills in waves and he will be able to challenge his opponents in the next heats. We also asked him about his goals in windsurfing. “Maybe to become world champion one day…” was his answer. We think it’s possible, if he continues like this.

Baptiste Cloarec in starboard tack down the the line conditions in Platboom, South Africa

Filmed & produced by Tom Durchgrave