“YLEM” is a new video series featuring windsurfing pro Antoine Martin. Together with Mattéo Nativelle (Native Pictures), Antoine created this new video series showing his life as a windsurfer and waterman.

Many hours of work on and off the water went into capturing all the footage for this video to finally release the first episode of “Ylem”, which shows Antoine Martin at home in Guadeloupe. “Ylem” is actually a term borrowed from physics, which describes a substance from which the universe was created with the influence of different forces or even gods. So, the big bang is about to happen. We are definitely looking forward to the next video but let’s watch this one first.

A new video series showcasing my journey in the windsurfing scene. The first chapter truly showcases my home spot of Guadeloupe. What can I say.. ? Matteo and I, with the help of our surroundings, worked very hard this winter to get to this result. This is our biggest project so far. Dedication is burning through our veins for this one. Antoine Martin