Yentel Caers spent a great time in Praia do Maceio, Brazil and returned with some nice power footage and a lot of motivation for 2019!! Well done Yentel. The drone shots by Julian Robinet are amazing and the moves of Yentel are so damn radical!!

Continentseven: Why did you decide to travel to Brazil this winter again? 
Yentel Caers: Why Brazil? For me Brazil is the perfect place to relax and windsurf in one of the best conditions, it’s warm and windy everyday.

Continentseven: How is your training going and are you 100% fit? 
Yentel Caers: My training is going super, getting some big moves fine tuned :p 

Continentseven: How were the conditions? Did you film a lot?
Yentel Caers: The conditions were epic, windy almost everyday for 4.4m and 4.0m with some perfect little ramps for freestyle. But I also had some wave time for a nice wave session. No, we didn’t film so much, the video is almost only from one session! 

Continentseven: What were your personal highlights? Did you land any rad new moves?
Yentel Caers: I did land some new moves, but in general just to be able to windsurf everyday in board shorts with strong wind is the best, a real highlight.

Continentseven: What other plans do you have for the winter? 
Yentel Caers: I will do the same as last year, a big road trip and see where I end up.

Continentseven: What’s your goal for 2019. The return on the podium or the world title?
Yentel Caers: Of course the goal will be to be back on the podium, but it’s hard to say already now as everyone is crazy good, but I’m training hard for it!

Continentseven: Will you compete on the EFPT tour as well?
Yentel Caers: About the EFPT I’m not sure yet as I don’t know the rules. But I hope to do all events!

Thanks Yentel!!! Good luck!

Yentel Caers with radical freestyle windsurfing action from Praia do Maceio, Brazil

Filmed by: Julian Robinet – Drone Shots, Stefi Fumagalli, CC.Films