Yentel Caers and Mattia Fabrizi had a cold freestyle session at Valmadrera (Valma) at Lake Como, Italy. The spot is located at the south eastern corner of the Lake.  It was freezing cold this time and Yentel thinks about to move further south for his next session. They had sunshine with nice weather at least, what’s not bad for a day in December. And the spot looks beautiful.

“A friend of mine (Teo Taschetti) made this video from this morning at Valmadrera, Lake Como. In the video is Mattia Fabrizi, me and some local rippers. It was a fun session but way too cold. It’s time to go south. Hope you like it!!” (Yentel Caers)

Yentel Caers and Mattia Fabrizi with winter freestyle windsurfing action at Valmadrera, Lake Como, Italy


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