Yentel Caers, the freestyle windsurfer with the most explosive pop, spent a part of August 2016 in France and got perfect freestyle conditions at Port La Nouvelle at the Mediterranean coast and at the Lac del la Ganguise (also known as Retenue de l’Estrade), an artificial lake located in between Carcassonne and Toulouse (around 1130 km away from Yentel’s home spot Brouwersdam). The water of the river Ganguise feeds the lake, which was built in 1979, and creates a nice place for water sport activities. It’s definitely worth to make a stop over there, if you are around. The thermal wind can pick up to storm force and the lake becomes the perfect freestyle playground.

Yentel doesn’t care too much about single moves. He goes for double or triple combos most of the time and lands them incredibly clean and upright. No question, he is one of the riders in freestyle windsurfing, who is pushing the level moment.

Yentel Caers with radical freestyle action from Port La Nouvelle & Lac del la Ganguise, France

Filmed by: Caers Family & Jolanda Smeets
Edited by: Yentel Caers