Yarden Meir in Cape Town 2017

Yarden Meir has always dreamt about traveling to South Africa. This winter his dream became reality and the trip exceeded all his expectations. Due to injuries, lack of sponsors and private reasons his professional windsurfing career was put to a halt but now Yarden seems to be more than back.

In November we interviewed Yarden about his comeback to the tour. If you haven’t read the interview yet, here is the link: Interview with Yarden Meir about his comeback to the tour

Yarden Meir with radical windsurfing action


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Adam Milne

Don’t care how good he is at sailing, throwing stones at dead animals? Just wrong

Tom Taylor

Such a sick style, full on power in every move. No lame upwind 360 spins after his moves just fully planing out of everything. Reminds me of Antxon Otaegui a few years back.